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Licorice Powder

Licorice Snaps

  • Licorice Roots Selected
    Dried Licorice Roots Premium Hand Selected

    Dried Liquorice roots are premium grade one by one hand selected sticks, yellow unpeeled roots. This is European quality preferred for high concentration of glycyrrhizin acid.

  • Liquorice Machine Cut
    Liquorice machine Cut Selected

    Liquorice bales are cut by machine to produce this selected elite quality of liquorice roots sticks carrying high yield of glycyrrhizin and glabridine.

  • Semi Selected Licorice Roots
    Licorice Semi Selected Roots

    Elite grade dried semi hand selected roots are clean without fungus or foreign material, yellow tip quality. Demanded for extraction, flavor, food & beverage, tobacco, liquor & cosmetic industries.

  • Glycyrrhiza glabra
    Licorice Roots Diced Wide Cuts

    Licorice roots regular clean grade reasonable price for Asian region. Huge demand for this quality for industrial production. Roots are clean without mud or dust.

  • Liquorice Long Sticks
    Liquorice Long Sticks

    Liquorice long sticks are exclusive premium quality hand-picked, clean roots in demand particularly by Far Fast and EU nations to sue in making extract & in ingredient & flavor for high glyc. content.

  • Regaliz long sticks
    Licorice Long Sticks Premium Selected

    Regaliz long sticks are premium hand selected yellow both ends and inside, exclusive quality for ingredients and flavor industry extraction for good botanical yield.

  • Licorice Square Cut
    Licorice Square Cut

    Licorice square cuts are customized cut processed by us from hand selected licorice roots for high yield of glycyrrhizin acid and glabridine, preferred in the US for tea and flavor industry.

  • Licorice Fine Tea Bag Cut TBC
    Licorice Fine Tea Bag Cut TBC

    Licorice tea bag cut TBC is the premium fine cut is clean & 100% fit for human consumption used as an ingredient in licorice tea and other herbal and health teas.

  • Liquorice Crushed Tea Grade
    Liquorice Crushed Tea Grade

    Selected grade liquorice roots are milled to produce crushed fluffy mesh of licorice. Premium bright yellow quality licorice crushed tea grade forms an ingredient for tea industry famous in African countries.

  • Licorice Root Powder Mesh
    : Licorice Root Powder Fine Mesh

    Licorice mesh powder is bright yellow processed from elite selected liquorice roots. Available are fine mesh and tick mesh powder grades.

  • Liquorice Slice Cut
    Liquorice Slices

    Premium hand selected yellow dried liquorice slices are preferred by Far East buyers for pharma and industrial extraction purpose.

  • Licorice Dice Cut
    Licorice Dice Cut

    Selected premium quality dried Licorice roots are cut in dice format by machine. This form of mulethi has its uses in further processing by labs formulation for patent use.


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