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  • Dried Liquorice Roots Cut Pieces

    Dry licorice roots are available in the form of short sticks or cut pieces. These are graded under regular unselected type, semi-hand selected cuts and elite one by one hand selection and sorting. The selection type depends on the buyer’s preferences for quality requirements and reasonable price settings. These licorice sticks are also graded based on thin sticks, medium width and wide width diameter or thickness. Licorice roots are completely dried and the tips are yellow. The width or diameter of licorice sticks is mentioned below:

    Small range: From 10.20 – 11.30mm
    Medium range: From 17.70 – 21.50mm
    Large range: From 27.00 – 31.00mm

    Liquorice short sticks vary in length as these licorice sticks are available in any cut size or machine cut.

  • Liquorice Slice Cut

    Licorice slice cuts are obtained by a premeditated process of slicing the dried liquorice sticks with or without humidifying effects. Slice cuts licorice has huge demand particularly in the Far East markets for its valuable and extensive uses and yield of glycyrrhizin and glabredin content. Sliced licorice roots can without difficulty be added or mixed into diverse mixtures resulting in an assortment of conducts.

    Liquorice Diced Cut

    Licorice dice cuts are made by machine. Hand selected wide diameter liquorice roots are cut in dice shape that look like coins or thumb. The cuts are managed in variety of root length.

    This type of liquorice roots is greatly appreciated for its good glycyrrhizic content and are also locally termed as finger cut.

    Liquorice Square Cuts

    Licorice square cuts are very popular in the US and Europe markets for good yield and high concentration of grabridine and glycyrrhizin acid content. Premium quality liquorice roots are cut into square and cubes by special machinery for this purpose only.

    Licorice Root Powder Mesh

    Alfarid Corporation offers milled licorice powder from the unpeeled liquorice sticks at various degrees of fineness such as 60, 120 mesh, 150 mesh, 240 mesh and/or as per the client’s preference. The sifting of licorice powder results in varied taste, texture and ash content whereas these results primarily depend on the quality of licorice roots being processed into powder. The highest content and quality of licorice powder is achieved when the hand selected liquorice sticks (yellow from the inside and do not carry any foreign matter or dust particles) are milled into powder.

    Taste of licorice powder is typical of sweet licorice with very high glycyrrhizic acid and content. Texture of licorice material depends on the mesh grade it is milled at.  The total ash content is acceptable due to the very sophisticated selection process used for selecting these dried unpeeled licorice sticks. Licorice powder is used as a botanical raw material in the natural flavor and ingredients industry for various pharma and tea industrial uses. The lab usually analyses liquorice unpeeled root powder on the mesh grade criteria for parts over 0.315 mm mesh, parts over 0.2 mm mesh, parts over 0.15 mm and parts below 0.15 mm mesh.

    Licorice Tea Bag Cut TBC Fine

    Unpeeled licorice roots are crushed and milled to make fluffy mesh siftings. This grade is also popularly known in the tea industry as tea bag cut or licorice fine cut. Liquorice fine cut is used in the natural flavor industry as an ingredient in making herbal or licorice tea and also valued for its miraculous properties in the medicinal and pharma industry.

    Liquorice Crused Tea Grade

    Crushed licorice roots are processed through vibratory seive machines to get uniformly sifted licorice tea bag cut also called TBC or fine cut. This format is used in making liquorice tea, herbal and health teas.

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