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Licorice Powder

Liquoirce Licorice Mulethi Licorice Powder Liquorice Powder
  • Liquorice Roots Cut Pieces
    Liquorice Roots Cut Pieces

    Licorice sticks are thick in diameter termed liquorice short sticks or licorice cut pieces, one by one hand selected premium quality to serve flavor, food & beverage, pharma, cosmetic extraction more »

  • Licorice Long Sticks
    Liquorice Roots Long Sticks

    Dried Liquorice long sticks are elite grade unpeeled hand selected roots with OTA 20ppb, without fungus.Sticks are yellow tip from both ends.

    read more »

  • Dried Licorice Slice Cut
    Licorice Roots Slice Cuts

    Dried Liquorice slices are hand selected roots and cut by slicing machine to serve various users of botanical & plant based materials; primarly famous in the Far East more »

  • Liquorice Powder Fine Mesh
    Licorice Root Powder

    Liquorice root powder premium quality bright yellow available in thick and fine mesh grades of 60, 120 mesh, 150. We process & mill elite quality licorice roots to make licorice powder more »

  • Licorice Fine Cut TBC
    Licorice TBC Tea bag Cut

    Liquorice tea bag cut or licorice fine cut is our specialty to serve herbal, health tea industry primarily to produce licorice tea. Tea bags are filleed with this licorice TBC to favor more »

  • Licorice Square Cut
    Liquorice Square Cut

    Dried licorice square cuts or cube cuts elite grade hand selected liquorice roots are cut by customized machinery; popular in EU nations for flavor, yield and extract. read more »

  • Liquorice Machine Cut
    Licorice Machine Cut

    Elite selected dried licorice roots are machine cut, unpeeled, clean and yellow roots. without fungus, mud, dust or foreign material.Cut are customized as per client more »

  • Licorice Crushed Fluffy Mesh
    Liquorice Crushed Tea Grade

    Crush tea grade yellow liquorice is a format for tea industry suitable in making liquorice tea, health and herbal teas. Liquorice is crushed or milled to form this tea grade more »

  • Licorice Sticks
    Licorice Sticks

    Dried licorice roots selected premium quality yellow roots. Mulethi sticks are used in making liquor, cough syrups,sweeteners,chocolates & industries like tobacco, extract, cosmetic and nutraceuticals. read more »

Liquorice Roots

Alfarid Corporation Limited is the US FDA registered and ISO 9001:2008 certified supplier of unpeeled liquorice or licorice roots or Glycyrrhiza glabra. Alfarid has been deeply involved in the trade of licorice roots for more than 30 years and has maintained strong growth in emerging markets, particularly in Europe, Far East Asia, South Asia and USA under the specialty botanicals plant-based raw materials. Alfarid Corporation Limited is the jeweler of dried liquorice or licorice roots and considered as the 'King of Liquorice' in the market with the best quality licorice inventory in hand covering origins of Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, Turk Mandi, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan and Pakistan having our own procurement offices at origin. The regions are Herat, Mazar-e-Sharif, Maimana, Baghlan and Saripul, Kunduz, Ankhoi, Khanabad and Ghazni. Other areas include Koh-e-baba and zones of higher altitude.

Alfarid is the supplier of the finest premium and elite clean hand selected quality of liquorice roots. The Dried licorice production at our warehouses is carried out by over 230 workers at a time working day and night daily to sort pressed licorice bales and also clean, select and process licorice roots. The premium elite hand selected grade is the specialty of Alfarid Corporation Limited, while also producing semi-processed herbs particularly varieties of dry licorice roots including cut pieces, short sticks, long sticks, machine cut and pressed bales for industrial use. Further processing of licorice is achieved as licorice slices, ghanderi cut, square cuts, cube cut, fine cut, dice cut, sieved licorice TBC tea bag cut, fluffy sifted crushed tea grade, licorice root powder ranging from 60 mesh to 120, 150 and 250 mesh grades. These unpeeled licorice roots carry higher concentration of Glycyrrhizin acid content and glabridine yield.

Licorice Glycyrrhiza glabra is the wild grown plant based raw material with miraculous properties to treat sore throat, cough while besides medicine licorice is used in confectionery and making candies and chocolates. Sifted licorice has its uses in the herbal tea industry particularly making licorice root tea whereas liquorice slice has its major demands in the Far-East regions. The elite hand selected licorice yellow cut pieces of dried licorice are preferred by the European clients for their special flavor uses. Moreover licorice root herb is milled to make liquorice powder in different mesh grades.

We supply DRIED yellow tip both sides unpeeled liquorice sticks. The dry element of licorice sticks reflects that the roots carry less and optimum moisture content suitable for extraction and industrial processing needs of pharmacy, agro-alimentary, cosmetic, nutraceuticals, ingredients and food flavoring, tobacco, liquor, food beverage industry, plant science and extraction industry. The main specifications of dried licorice roots is its dry roots, glycrrhizin acid content, glabraden content, yellow roots inside or yellow tip analyzed for ochratoxins or OTA levels within acceptable limit criteria. Therefore, having complete understanding and knowledge of liquorice roots, Alfarid Corporation is known in the industry as the leader and prominent liquorice supplier and licorice manufacturer.

Roots are analysis at our in-house lab for standard criteria under HACCP requirement and also from accredited labs to meet EEC standards, analysed for Aflatoxin Ochratoxin OTA level less than 20ppb. We very well understand the customs requirement and restrictions particularly at EU and US ports for clearance of goods. Alfarid owes its growth to passion, sustained R&D, creating the variety of licorice formats as personalized offerings to diversified client base and integrated sales network. Licorice is certainly as precious to us as relationship to a family.

Common Names for Licorice

There are several terms used in local languages of many countries for licorice roots such as Jethimath, Regaliz, Liquorish while the translation for liquorice in different languages are mulethi, mulaithi, lakrits, ชะเอม, meyankökü,  licorish, drop, jamball,  عرق السوس , лакрица ,  женско биле, 甘草, lékořice, lakrids, Lagrits, regalis, lakritsi , réglisse,  Süßholz,  γλυκόριζα , שוש,  édesgyökér , liquirizia ,  甘草,  감초,  lakrica, lakris, شیرین بیان, lukrecja, alcaçuz, лакрица, сладић, sladkého drievka, พืชชะเอ็ม, meyankökü, лакріца , cam thảo,  ליקעריש, السوس عرق السوس, лакрица, женско биле, 甘草, lékořice, lakkrís, akar manis,  Licorais, 甘草, 감초, lakrica, saldymedis, akar manis, lakris, zoethout, شیرین بیان, lukrecja, alcaçuz, lemn dulce, лакрица,госпино биље, sladkého drievka, sladkega, ชะเอม, meyankökü, лакріца

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